Sunday, October 18, 2009

1979 Topps Comics

In 1979, Topps issued a set of 33 Comics which featured the current baseball stars. The set has never been very popular with collectors.

Here is a display box.

The comics were inside a wrapper with gum and sold for 5 cents. Very similar to a piece of "Bazooka" gum, which is also made by Topps. Here are a few packs.

The comics are blank backed and feature a player as well as an "Inside Baseball: tip in the lower right hand corner. Here is an uncut wrapper and comic of #20, Dave Kingman.

Saturday, October 3, 2009


Matchbox has issued a few moving trucks over the years. Here are a coup;e from my collection.

This is the #17(A) Bedford Removal Van. It has metal wheels and was first issued in 1956.

Here are two variations of the #46(B) Pickfords Removal Van, first issued in 1960. The on on the left has silver plastic wheels and the one on the right has black plastic wheels.

Here is another variation, in blue with grey plastic wheels.