Saturday, March 9, 2013

Help for a Tractor

I hope some of you can help out this couple.

They need to purchase a tractor for a farm they are starting up in Georgia.  I know Darby from where my wife's son went to college in Sterling Vermont. She has had some knock downs in her life but comes back even stronger.  She is a tireless worker and it is my hope to see her and her husband succeed in this endeavor! If they do not get a tractor, the plowing will have to be done by hard physical labor.

I know it is down to the wire, but if you can help please do. ANY AMOUNT WILL HELP!!  All of their produce is grown without chemicals, NO GMO seeds...just honest to goodness natural flavor grown the old fashion way. Thank!

Here is a link for donations:

This is not a gimmick, it is all done through a project called Kickstarter to give a hand to help someone find the path to make their dreams come true...

And here is a link to their website Sun Dog Farm

If you are in the Georgia area and see them selling their produce at the local market, stop in to say hi and bring home some tasty treats to try.

In the spirit, here are a couple of Matchbox Tractors.

Hopefully the wheels will stay on their tractor better than they do on mine.