Saturday, May 23, 2009

Memorial Day

On this Memorial Day Weekend I thought I would show a few of my Matchbox military models.

This first picture shows the #73(A) 10 Ton Pressure Refueller issued in 1959, the #49(A) M3 Personnel Carrier issued in 1958, the #61(A) Ferret Scout Car issued in 1959 and the #55(A) DUKW issued in 1958.

This picture is of the Superfast #23(A) Volkswagen Camper/Doormobile issued in 1970, the #63(A) Ford Service Ambulance issued in 1959, the Superfast #3(A) Mercedes Benz Ambulance issued in 1970 and the Superfast #20(B) Police Patrol issued n 1975.

Finally, in the background are two "Two Packs". The first is the #15(A) Military Truck and Trailer. The second one is the #11(A) Military Jeep and Cycle. Both of these were issued in 1977. In the foreground are the #68(A) Austin MKII Radio Truck issued in 1959, the #71(A) Austin 200 Gallon Water Truck issued in 1959 and the #67(A) Saladin Armored Car issued in 1959.

Sunday, May 17, 2009


With the Indianapolis 500 Auto Race coming up in a few weeks, I thought I would share some pictures of Matchbox race cars in my collection.

First, from 1958 are two variations of the #52(A) Maserati 4CLT Racer.

Next, from 1962, are the two variations of the #73(B) Ferrari F1 Racing Car.

Here are 3 varieties of the #19(D) Lotus Racing Car. The first two were issued beginning in 1966 while the one on the right is the Superfast version issued in 1970.
, Here are 7 (of the 23) variations of the Superfast #34(A) Formula 1 Race Car, issued in 1971.

Finally, since these cars are too valuable to drive on the highway to get to Indianapolis, here is the Matchbox Major Pack #6(B) Racing Car Transporter, issued in 1965.

Sunday, May 3, 2009


My wife was out yesterday and when she came home she had 3 little presents for me:

On the left is a Matchbox #23(D) Trailer Caravan in pink. This was first issued in February 1965.

In the middle is a Matchbox Model of Yesteryear, the Y-2(A) 1911 B Type London his was issued from 1956 through 1963.

Finally,on the right is the Matchbox Bedford Lomas Ambulance. This made its debut in May of 1962.

All three of these are great additions to my collection. How my wife finds these at good prices amazes me. She is very special and I love her!