Sunday, January 31, 2010

New Baseball Cards!

Here are some of my recent additions to my baseball card collection.

The first is a 1984 Topps Super card of Cal Ripken. As you can see, it's much larger than its regular sized issue.

Here are 2 cards from the 1981 Donruss set. It features Bob Lacey (or is it Lacy)? I guess Donruss wasn't quite sure and covered both possibilities! The correct spelling of his last name is Lacey.

Finally, here is a pair of variations from the 1962 set. The top cards are of Willie Tasby and the bottom cards are Bob Buhl. You can see the team logo on their hats are airbrushed out on the first photo but are present on the second one. This is because they were traded and Topps did not want to show the logo of their former team.

Sunday, January 10, 2010


Matchbox has issued many cars for promotional purposes.

One of my favorites was a group of 8 cars issued with Fanta labels. Fanta is an orange soda,hence all the cars were orange.

Here is a group of 5 cars.

Here are my 3 favorites, the School Bus, The Double Decker Bus and The 1957 Chevy!