Sunday, June 15, 2014

1966 Topps Rub-Offs - 75% Completed!

For those of following my quest to complete the Baseball Card Insert Set of Rub-Offs included in Topps baseball card packs in 1966, I have reached 75% completed.

Just received the following Rub-Off of Dick Radatz.

This is my 90th Rub-Off so I have "only" 30 more to got to complete the set of 120.

I say "only" as the rub-offs I still need seem to be very hard to acquire.  I have seen them in not great condition or very expensive in decent condition.  I'm trying to get them at about $5.00 each with a little extra for shipping.  I guess I will have to increase my bids to get the ones I still need. 

Originally, I wanted to complete the set in a 2 year period.  That was 4 years ago!   As they say on certain HGTV shows, I went past my timeline and I'll be over budget!