Saturday, May 23, 2009

Memorial Day

On this Memorial Day Weekend I thought I would show a few of my Matchbox military models.

This first picture shows the #73(A) 10 Ton Pressure Refueller issued in 1959, the #49(A) M3 Personnel Carrier issued in 1958, the #61(A) Ferret Scout Car issued in 1959 and the #55(A) DUKW issued in 1958.

This picture is of the Superfast #23(A) Volkswagen Camper/Doormobile issued in 1970, the #63(A) Ford Service Ambulance issued in 1959, the Superfast #3(A) Mercedes Benz Ambulance issued in 1970 and the Superfast #20(B) Police Patrol issued n 1975.

Finally, in the background are two "Two Packs". The first is the #15(A) Military Truck and Trailer. The second one is the #11(A) Military Jeep and Cycle. Both of these were issued in 1977. In the foreground are the #68(A) Austin MKII Radio Truck issued in 1959, the #71(A) Austin 200 Gallon Water Truck issued in 1959 and the #67(A) Saladin Armored Car issued in 1959.

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