Saturday, November 8, 2008

My Favorite Baseball Card Set

My favorite baseball card set is the 1967 Topps set. They say that the majority of baseball card collectors will choose as their favorite set a set that came out within a year of their 10th birthday. Since I was born in 1957, I’m part of that majority.

The 1967 set has really beautiful pictures in an uncluttered setting. I have my sets stored in plastic sheets by team. The large team name on the 1967 cards makes this look great when the cards are side by side. Also, the team name is not overbearing like it can seem to be on the 1964 Topps cards.

The 609 card set is filled with superstars, rookies, errors, variations, the first Topps card of Maury Wills and, of course, the high number series. In the high number series of 76 cards, 22 were double printed and are easier to find then the remaining 54 cards. I completed the basic set around 1986. The two hardest cards for me to get were #553, Yankees Rookies and #580, Rocky Colavito.

One of the best looking cards is the Atlanta Braves Team card, #100. A great photo of the team outside of their stadium.

I love the two cards of George Korince on the Tigers Rookies cards. Its pretty easy to tell they are not the same person.

I also like the card of fellow Rutgers Alumnus Jeff Torborg.

My other favorite card is the rare #45 Roger Maris Yankees blanked back proof card. Proof cards are an interesting topic and will be the subject of a future blog.

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