Sunday, June 28, 2009

Matchbox Fire Station

Over the years, Matchbox produced a range of Service Stations as well as a Fire Station. The purpose was to create "extra play value", not to mention increased sales!

Here is the MF-1-A Fire Station which was produced beginning in 1963. It was either sold separately, as I have shown, or part of the G-10 Gift Set, both in colorful boxes.

Also shown are the #59(B) Ford Fairlane Police Car, issued in 1963, the #57(C) Land Rover Fire Engine, issued in 1966 as well as 2 #29(C) Fire Pumpers also issued in 1966.

At the same time the Fire Station came out, Matchbox was also developing an Ambulance Station, which was to have a green roof. The Ambulance Station was never released so some of the Fire Stations were fitted with the green roofs made for the Ambulance Station. These are harder to find than the red roof variation.

Here the the box that the Fire Station came in.

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