Sunday, July 19, 2009

Matchbox Service Station (Part 1)

In 1957, Matchbox introduced their first Service Station which is described on the box as ""Showroom and Service Station for Matchbox Toys". It was based on a real station close to one of the Matchbox factories. Here it is.

To the left is the box it came in. A few years later, the same station was produced but had a red building with a yellow base.

Also shown is the the first accessory Matchbox issued, the 3 gas pumps with attendant and Esso sign. This was first issued in 1956. Its box is shown to the left.

The cars shown, from left to right, are the #45(A) Vauxhall Victor, the #13(B) Bedford Wreck Truck, the #46(A) Morris Minor and the 11(B) Road Tanker. All these cars were first issued in 1958.

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