Sunday, August 16, 2009

1964 Topps Giants

In 1964, Topps issued additional baseball card sets apart from their regular baseball card set. One such set was the "Giants" baseball card set. These cards were larger than the regular sized card. They were postcard size.

This 60 card set is beautifully photographed. The backs of each card is a highlight of the player's career shown as a newspaper article. A few cards were short printed and are more difficult to find.

Here is the card of #4, Sandy Koufax.

Here is the back of his card.

I love this card of #15, Jim Gentile. A great picture!

Here is the back of his card.

Here is the front and back of Mickey Mantle, #25 in the set.

The complete set of 60 currently sell for $150-$200.

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