Saturday, September 25, 2010

Mercury Cougars

I'm not a big fan of Ford cars. I had one back in 1984 and it was not my most favorite car to say the least. But, I do like the Mustang and the Cougar. Here are some of my Cougars.

This first picture is the first Matchbox Cougar, #62. In the middle is the King Size Matchbox #21 and the last one is the Superfast version of the first one. The smaller ones are a lime green color while the large one is gold. Also shown are their boxes.

Here is an assortment of Cougars from both Matchbox and Hot Wheels. Incidentally, Mattel Toys now owns both the Matchbox and hot wheels brands.

Finally, here is a picture of a newer Matchbox release, a Cougar in its own blister pack with its box.

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Cassie said...

Is it just me or both the Matchbox and Hot Wheels' models are very much the same? Or, are they different in a few things, like detailing? From car dealerships and now to die cast model, this particular car model never loses its touch of the old-school.

Cassie Brendan