Sunday, December 2, 2012

1971 Topps #552 Buddy Bradford

Finally got the last variation I need to complete all the variations of baseball cards in the 1971 set produced by Topps.

Just got the #552 card of Buddy Bradford of the Cleveland Indians.

The card on the left has a couple of black smudge marks over his left shoulder.  This was corrected and the new card is shown on the right.


Rosenort said...

Do you have a checklist of your '71 variants, I am working on these as well and would to compare, thanks.

Collector's Corner said...

Here are my variations in the 1971 set. Not sure if it is complete. Thanks for checking out my blog.

#42 Boots Day - With and without light tower

#60 Dick Bosman - With and without black line by head

#85 Bill Grabarkewitz - With red or yellow dot

#123 2nd Series Checklist - 123 centered or to the right

#133 Mickey Lolich - Eyes up or level

#161 Coins Checklist - 161 even with Lolich or McCarver

#206 3rd Series Checklist - Red or orange helmet

#265 Jim Northrup - With and without black blotch

#306 Jim Nash - With and without black blotch

#369 4th Series Checklist - Line or no line on helmet

#371 Jack Hiatt - With and without white dot after catcher

#515 Carl Morton - With and without small black line over his hat

#552 Buddy Bradford - With and without black print spots

#583 Ron Cook - Eyes up or level

#619 6th Series Checklist - No copyright on back, copyright on back with no wavy line on helmet and copyright on back with wavy line on helmet

#636 Denver LeMaster - Black blotch or not on photo on back of card