Sunday, June 30, 2013

Dan Pfister - Kansas City Athletics

Dan Pfister played major league baseball with the Kansas City Athletics of the American League from 1961 through 1964.  His lifetime record ws 6 wins and 19 losses.  Dan grew up in Bound Brook, New Jersey.  This is 2 towns over from my hometown.  I went to grade school and high school with Dan's cousin, Doug.  Knowing someone who had a relative in the major leagues was a big thing

Dan appeared on 3 different baseball cards in 1962, 1963 and 1964.  Here is his 1962 Topps rookie card.

Here is his 1963 card.

Here is his last card from 1964.

Here is an interesting item. Topps pays the players for the right to use their image and in the 1960's allowed the players to choose a gift from a catalogue.  Here is Topps record of what Dan choose as his gift each year.

So, in his first 2 years, Dan choose a 19" RCA Portable TV and in his last year got a GE Electric Dishwasher!

After he left professional baseball, Dan was a firefighter in Hollywood, Florida.  He still lives in Hollywood.

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