Sunday, January 4, 2009

1964 Topps Baseball Cards

The 1964 Topps Baseball Card set consists of 587 cards. The above picture is a wrapper that the cards came in.

The cards are easy to sort by team as the top of each card has the team name in large block lettering.

The backs of many of the cards had a trivia question. You got the answer to the question by rubbing the white area to reveal the answer. Here is the card of Jom Bouton, #470 in the set. I had this card autographed by Jim when I met him at a baseball ccard show.

Here is a card of #302, Dan Pfister. I went to high school with Dan's cousin. This is the first card of him alone. He appeared in the 1963 set on a rookie card with other players.

This is card #550 of Ken Hubbs. The all star player tragically died in a plane crash in February 1964. Topps printed his card as a memorial to him.

Here is the best card from the set. Apparently Topps had some problems with numbers. Check out the back of Dave Bennett's card. It says "The 19-year old righthanded curveballer is just 18 years 0ld!"

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