Saturday, January 31, 2009

My Oldest Collectibles

In my last post I talked about my oldest baseball card set. Since reaction was so strong, I decided to continue that theme in this post.

My oldest Matchbox collectible is from 1954. It is the #6A Euclid Quarry Truck. Here is the truck along with its hard to find "Script" box. Only the first 7 Matchbox models issued had the word "Moko" in script lettering.

This truck is a mere child in age compared to my oldest baseball collectible. My oldest baseball card is from 1914. Its not really a card but a felt like cloth square. This is the card of Fred Snodgrass of the New York Giants. Fred was born in 1887 and played in the major leagues for seasons, making his debut on June 4m 1908. He played in 3 World Series with the Giants before ending his career with the Boston Braves. Fred passed away in 1974. Here is his card.

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Martha said...

Great post, I enjoy reading them!