Sunday, March 15, 2009

Matchbox Carrying Cases

Lesney Corporation had been making Matchbox cars since the early 1950's but did not make any carrying cases until 1966. Here are some cases from my collection.

Here is a 48 car case. It's made of vinyl and cardboard and has 4 plastic trays to hold the cars. This was issued in 1966 and the cover depicts the #41 Ford GT.

This case was issued in 1967. It is vinyl with cardboard trays that hold 18 vehicles. The cover has the #8 Mustang.

From 1966, here is a 40 car case. This one has two trays that hold 20 cars each. Again, made from vinyl and cardboard, one side features the #6 Quarry Truck and the other side has the #53 Mercedes.

As the years went by, Matchbox got a little more creative with their cases.

Here is a 36 car case that resembles a truck from 1976. This was a gift from my wife.

Finally, I think this one is from the late 1970's or early 1980's. It holds 48 cars in 4 plastic trays. It is shaped like a race car. These come in various colors. My wife spotted this one a t a local antique store.

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