Sunday, March 29, 2009

Baseball Card Variations Part 2

Here are some more variations from my collection.

From 1965, here is #79, the first series checklist card. #61 is listed as either "Cannizzaro" or "C. Cannizzaro".

From 1966, here is another checklist, #101, the second series checklist that has #115 as either Warren Spahn or Bill Henry.Also from 1966, here is card #103 of Dick Groat. The bottom card has the extra line at the bottom that Dick was traded to the Phillies on October 27, 1965.

Here are two from 1967. This is card #191, the third series checklist. Card #214 is listed as either Dick Kelly or Tom Kelly. You can also notice that the picture of Willie Mays has grown a neck on the second picture.Finally, from 1967 the rare proof card version of Roger Maris, #45, listed as a Yankee in the unissued version and the issued version that shows him as a Cardinal.

Only about 100 of the Yankee version found their way into the hobby. A closer look at the two cards reveals that Yankee Stadium, as seen on the left side on the first card seems to have disappeared on the second card!

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