Sunday, September 6, 2009

Baseball Card Packs

Topps has packaged their baseball cards in many different ways over the years.

There is the traditional pack of cards. The pack on the left is a Wax Pack from 1979 and on the right a more recent pack, from 2005, made of heavier paper or foil to prevent tampering.

Topps actually experimented with a tamper proof pack over 25 years ago. Here is a “Michigan” Test Pack from 1983. These packs were tested in the state of Michigan.

Topps also packaged 3 packs in a card trays, know as Tray Packs. Here is one from 1980.

They also used Rack Packs, a group of three packs of cards without wrappers, covered with cellophane with a cardboard or cellophane header than was hung from a pegboard display. Here is one from 1983.

Cards were also sold in cellophane wrapped around the cards. These Cello Packs were great as you could see the top and bottom cards. Here is a Cello Pack from 1984.

Again, Topps had experimented with cello packs years before. From 1970 to 1972 they released cards packed in cellophane in their own little box. Here are the packs from 1970, 1971 and 1972.

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