Sunday, September 13, 2009


As a boy, we never had a Milkman deliver milk to the house. Luckily, there was a small store withing walking distance so every time my mom got milk, bread, etc., she also picked a a pack or tow of baseball cards!

However, my grandmother did get milk delivered. Her milk truck, when I was a child, was similar to this model made by the Danbury Mint.

Matchbox has also issued various milk delivery vehicles. Here is the #7A Horse Drawn Milk Float, first issued in 1954.

Here is the #29A Bedford Milk Delivery Van, issued in 1956.

Here are two variations of the #21C Commer Milk Float, issued in 1961. The one on the left has silver wheels, cream load, bottle decal and clear windows. The one on the right has black wheels, white load, cow decal and green windows. You can also see the sign on top is different too.

My favorite thing to go with milk? That's easy!

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